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Re: Rudolf Mueller: claims vs actual 'kills'


Muller's claim for 27.09.41 could well have been a LaGG or somethnig similar. By 27th they knew the RAF were in Russia and would an RAF claim have more prestige than a Soviet victory?

I will send you a list of the RAF claims v loses and highlight those confirmed by another RAF pilot and those highlighted by Soviet Observation Units.

For example the Hs126 on 17 09 41 was confirmed destroyed by SOU but returned to the unit 30% damage. A Bf110 was given as a victory /los by SOU and given to the RAF unit as well (15 09 41 I think) but no RAF pilot reported a combat with a Bf110 let alone or claim!

I will send the list. There is a definite a couple of missing Bf109's which would be interesting to find out more on.

Will email you shortly.


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