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Originally Posted by Franek Grabowski
Mates, Mr Horowitz wrote about credited claims! If you want we may discuss excessive (or ridiculous to some) RFC/RNS claims!
One note, comparing German and Allied bomber airmen, one should take care of time difference between average sortie. I suppose the former took about 2 hours, while the latter perhaps 6, so no direct comparison.
Concerning multi-tour flyers, well, is there any list of them? A number of Polish airmen flew 3 tours and some of them even 4. I am not sure if only pilots or other aircrew were included in the stats (one of them says only 65 pilots finished two operational tours).
Franek,If the US Bomber fleets ‘did’ inflict such grievous losses on the German day fighters, why was there such a almighty rush to introduce long range fighter escorts, surely at the rate the US gunners were destroying the German fighters in the air, and their precision pickle barrel bombing of selected German aircraft factories on the ground, there would not have been nothing left for the fighter jocks.Regardless of claims or credited ‘kills’ the US like the RAF in the Battle of Britain over claimed, (B of B is an example) the difference is that we accept that the RAF over claimed and we try to report the known facts, the American of the other hand (Who I must point out I have the greatest respect for and am proud to say have amongst my closest friends) continue to pump-out the same old rubbish. I am sure that a simple check on Tony Woods great site will confirm that the Germans did not loss 49 fighters shot down during this encounter.I must continue to point out I am not anti US, or am I trying to belittle their tremendous courage and sacrifice in the air-war over Europe. What I am is feed-up with the continuing use of over inflated and exaggerated claims continually being used to prove a point were the US Airforce is concerned. Does it really matter if they shot down 4 or 49 German fighters on this raid? What matters is that they served, fought and died for a cause, would we think any less of them if they only shot down 4 fighters, I think not. All I ask for in return is give me facts not fiction.I am wait the shelling. !!!
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