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Widar Thule
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Electronic copies of selected Luftwaffe documents

Hello to all forum members!

In my search for some electronic copies of original Luftwaffe documents an acclaimed Luftwaffe researcher/author and veteran “12 o’clock high!” forum member kindly pointed me in the direction of this forum as a source where someone might be able to be of service in this respect.

As a result I have become a forum member and hope that someone might be able to help me find electronic copies of the following documents:

1.) The 1943-1945 Luftwaffe “Jägerspiel” (Fighter Game). This “Game” was reportedly developed by the JG 26 Officer Walter Horten to train pilots in deflection shooting. The “Jägerspiel” is also mentioned in the “Horrido des Jägers Schießfibel 1944” Luftwaffe document.

2.) One or more actual German military documents (Luftwaffe OKL or otherwise) from the 1943-1945 period where the number of Eastern Front aerial victories are described which were formally required for an Eastern Front Luftwaffe Jagdflieger (Fighter Pilot) to qualify for each type of German military decoration (Knight’s Cross etc.). From 1943 onwards on the Western Front the Luftwaffe used the well known “point” system which described the number of Western Front “points” a Luftwaffe Jagdflieger required to qualify for each type of German military decoration. The generally orderly and methodical German military of 1943-1945 must have had a Luftwaffe Eastern Front decoration criteria system counterpart to the Luftwaffe Western Front decoration criteria “point” system.

3.) The “Oberkommando der Luftwaffe General Quartiermeister document Nr. 2766/45 of April 1945”. This document supposedly reports that “17 Fw 190 D-13s were built and that at least two were in service”.

4.) A wartime German military document (Luftwaffe OKL or otherwise) which reports that “the German Ministry of Aviation (RLM) called for 820 Fw 190 D-11 airframes to be built by Focke-Wulf Sorau, stating in early 1945, Fieseler Kassel was tasked to build 1,420 Fw 190 D-12s starting in the same time frame and the manufacture of the Fw 190 D-13 was passed to Arbeitsgruppe Roland tasked with the construction of 1,060 airframes starting again in early 1945”.

5.) A wartime German military document that states that “the Fw 190 D-12 production was ordered to be cancelled in favour of the Fw 190 D-13 model”.

I hope that someone is able to supply some information concerning any or all of these documents.


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