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Japanese Anti-Submarine Aircraft in the Pacific War

Japanese Anti-Submarine Aircraft in the Pacific War

By Ryusuke Ishiguro

MMP Press

Sept. 2017

Japanese Anti-Submarine aircraft are not well known, and not very good described in the literature. [sic] This book is the first in English on this subject. Details are provided of a wide selection of historic machines and fascinating colour schemes, as well as full technical details.Described aircraft: Aichi E13A Reisu (Jake) Aichi H9A Kawanishi E7K (Alf) Kawanishi H6K (Mavis/Tillie) Kawanishi H8K (Emilly) Mitsubishi G3M (Nell) Mitsubishi G4M (Betty) Nakajima B5N (Kate) Nakajima B6N Tenzan (Jill) Kyushu Q1W Tokai (Lorna) Q1W1-K Tokai Ren Mitsubishi Q2M Taiyo Kyushu K11W Shiragiku Kyushu Q3W Nankai Kayaba Ka-Go Kokusai Ki-76 (Stella) Kobeseiko Te-Go Mitsubishi Ki-51 (Sonia) Nakajima Ki-49 Donryu (Helen) Tachikawa Ki-36 (Ida) Tachikawa Ki-54 (Hickory)"
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