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Re: Sinking of HMT Thorbryn 19-8-41 off Tobruk


You may already have all of this, but...

According to Anlage 5 of Lagebericht 729 (7.9.41) the attacks were made by II./St.G.2 (X. Fl.K.). The 1500t ship is listed as a "transporter" and the other (of 500t) listed as a "Schlepper".

The location is recorded as 20 km East of Tobruk.

The attack on the "Transporter" is recorded as stated 07.30 hrs whereas the "Schlepper" is recorded as 08.12 hrs.

Bombs were 8 SC and 8 SD 250 for the "Transporter" - sunk by multiple direct hits; and 6 SC and 6 SD 250s for the "Schlepper" - direct hit, sunk.

In my copy of the corresponding Lagebericht for 19.8.41 I cannot find anything relating to the Med.

I have had a look in "RN Ships damaged or Sunk by Enemy Action" and there is nothing for 19.8.41, although it does not cover Trawlers.

Incidentally, records that the Thorbyrn was originally a whaler. This site records the sinking of both vessels and identifies some of the crew.

Misidentification in anti-shipping attacks is common - there is one instance in the battle for Norway where the Luftwaffe identified the ship being attacked as a 6000t cruiser when it was a 1000t sloop.
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LuftwaffeData Wiki including the history of Aufklgr. 122

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