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Re: Air combats of Chinese Civil War 1945-1949?

Originally Posted by GuerraCivil View Post
Well, the kill ratio looks fantastic but exaggerated to me. I wonder if they mean with those aerial engagements and 31:1 kill ratio all the airwar that has happened during the "Cold War" between PRC and Taiwan from late 1949 onward? Or did the mentioned eleven occasions of air combat take place before the establishment of PRC and current PRC/Taiwan boundaries on October 1949?

Here what PLAAF wiki tells:
The PLA had operated few aircraft before that (10.11.1949). The PLA's first organized air unit, the Nanyuan Flying Group, was formed only in the summer of 1949 from about 40 ex-Nationalist aircraft; its task was to defend Beijing, the nation's new capital.

This is to state categorically that Chinese communists did not have a single organized operational air unit until summer 1949. Did it really take that long for them to set up a first operational unit of their air force?

But wiki is wiki - sometimes very good info, sometimes somewhat correct info and sometimes just rotten tomatoes.
This is true enough, before 1949, communist had neither aircrafts and spare parts,nor pilots (large scale of defection did not happen until later part of 1948), nor functional airports, nor trained ground crews to create an operational airforce.

P.S Nationalist did not achieve a 31:1 killing ratio against PLAFF, it was old code war propoganda, even Taiwanese no long calims that in noawdays.
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