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Re: Mosquito HR573 45 Sqn

More and more strange Andy

Checking Shores book again, he only states 45Sq flew missions on May 11 and 12th and for the rest of the month stood down preparing for their move into Cholovaram.

No mentioning of 47Sq at all on May 14th

I believe HR574 was a 45Sq aircraft which was loaned by 47Sq (off the records) on April 14th and was lost with Scott/Fisher on that same date.
I have no explanation why 47Sq ORB says it was in May.

It also seems all other sources I have (second hand), have at least interpreted the action/loss took place in April and not in May. At least Shores must have read the same papers you have done right now.
I don't have any other book/reference relating to the British efforts in Burma during this period, so I cannot check anything else.

Quite a mystery....

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