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Re: Need help about aircraft losses

Hello to everybody

JeT, the second a link is to a web site I started for my own fun a year ago and never came to round it uo because of lack of time.

I am sure you visited ABG before, there was a long topic on No 352 where you took a part, so you should be familiar with a topic on a/c losses over Yugoslavia – I’ve been working on the list for over a year and there are currently 1050 records I have compiled, mostly USAAF, RAF and LW(1943 and 1945). There are some other people from Croatia I am in contact with, who contributed with info they’ve had at the moment, so if you are interested in this, feel free to visit ABG and discuss the matter.

I would agree with JimP with what he said, compiling such a list is a daunting task, and it is bit naïve this form of research can be useful for a that sort of book. What I mean is I doubt you’ll find anybody who will offer you consistent help in research and offered you data for this kind of work –there actually people out there who earn money doing this.

When I started collecting information, I did it as my hobby and in some way I wanted to share it with anybody interested about it, and as I’ve already put it on the net, that is the only way I am prepared to work on it. So if anybody wants to contribute, I ll be happy with any piece of info received.

And for the end, may I just ask you when you said ‘they are not kind of thing you are looking for’, what are you looking for actually, or what kind of information are you after, as I almost exclusively used archive material available in NA and IWM, and lot of books and Internet resources, mostly as a secondary sources.

Franek, North Yugoslavia is rather broad term, Hungary occupied parts of Vojvodina province, namely Backa and Baranja – including a Croatian part of latter, geographically it is north of Danube and East of Tisa river, and parts of Slovenia along a Mura river. ANY A/C lost over these areas was considered lost over Yugoslavia.
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