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Re: 13/IV , Einsatz in der Reichsverteidigung und im Westen 1.1. bis 31.12.1944

In the LRG forum I have written something of this only from the point of view of Erla Maschinenwerk GmbH ...

production figures

p.10...Bf109G-6...not mentioned in the book...regarding official accountings with RLM from January-December 1944: 1635 a/c
p.19...Bf109G-14...not mentioned in the book...regarding official accountings with RLM from January-December 1944: 1663 a/c (to name target numbers for this time is difficult because they changed with each new plan or the corrections)
p.20/footnote 65...Bf109G-14/AS...123 a/c (LP226/2, 16.10.1944)...correct: 135 a/c(LP227, 06.12.1944)...the additional deliveries are also confirmed by other documents so the footnote 65 ("...; danach bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt alle Maschinen abgeliefert.") isn't complete precise because the last 12 G-14/AS were delivered in October (9 a/c) and November (3 a/c)...conclusions by means of a single document are always uncertain for this period
p.26...Bf109K-4...not mentioned in the least documented are 2 a/c (W.Nr.570362 by document and 570375 by photo)
p.28...Bf109G-10/AS...not mentioned in the book...This designation is an hoax. It was never mentioned in any single factory.document---the Erla Maschinenwerk GmbH delivered G-10 and G-10/R6, in 1944 a total of 397 G-10 and 215 G-10/R6.
p.30...Bf109G-10...The drawing is totally wrong --- showing an WNF/Mtt.-G10.

The G-AS story
p.12, footnote 52...The mentioned, planned construction numbers are to be updated as follows ("Flugzeugprogramm (Umbau) SoA F2 (Stand vom 01.04.1944)"): Erla VII--- 60 G-5/U2/AS (Serie Erla), 100 G-5/R2/AS (Serie Erla), 11 G-6/AS (Reparatur Werk VII), 1 G-6/U4/AS (Serie WNF), 105 G-6/U2/AS (Serie Leipzig/ Reparatur Werk VII), REWE--- 132 G-6/U4/AS (Serie WNF), Mimetall--- 98 G-6/U2/AS (Serie Erla), Blohm&Voss--- 20 G-6/U4/AS (Serie WNF), 80 G-6/U2/AS (Serie Erla) --- planned for B&V: April 5, May 10, June 15, July 20, August 20, total: 607

p.12, footnote 54..."Die Bf109G-5/R2/AS waren zur Überbrückung...Diese Planung wurde jedoch in der Praxis umgeworfen."...This is wrong. It had actually started to build the planned machines. Regarding "Industrielieferplan Umbauprogramm SoA F2 (Stand vom 6.8.44)" were delivered to 31.June 1944 a total of 16 machines. For another 65 machines, the engine delivery was not yet guaranteed. In addition, after the withdrawal of the Germans from Antwerp on 02/03.September 1944 several G-5/R2/AS were captured such as the W.Nr. 110543, 110545, 110547 and others. To correct or complete are also the production figures. According to the same source the following machines were rebuilt until June 31, 1944: Erla VII--- 67 G-5/AS (the following 9 a/c unpressurized), 16 G-5/R2/AS, Mimetall - 130 G-6/U4/AS (2 machines were destroyed and deleted from program) --- the other numbers are identical

The Bf109K-story
p.23..."Der Serienbau der Baureihe K-2 sollte ab Februar 1944 bei Messerschmitt, Erla und WNF anlaufen..." ... here is to be corrected: Regarding "Mitteilung Nr.86 an 5400 vom 25.1.44, Bezugnahme: Mitteilung Nr.28 an 5400 vom 8.1.44 und Besprechung der Arbeitsguppe 109 am 21.1. in Regensburg" should Erla built 1160 K-2 as K-2/R3 (with DB605A because available).
p.23..."..., während ab Juli 1944 die bei Erla anlaufende druckbelüftete Bf109K-1 die Bf109G-5 bei den Verbänden ersetzen sollte."... Regarding the same source the start of the production of the a/c should be already in May or June 1944.
p.23... Wrong is the sentence "Allen drei Baureihen gemeinsam war der Einbau des DB 605A Motors." Here the same source: "Baureihe K-1 besagt, dass es sich um eine druckdichte Bf109 mit MK108 und Motor DB605D handelt." and "Bauunterlagen für K-2 sind grundsätzlich auf Einbau des Motors DB605D abgestellt."
p.23,footnote 67 and p.26..."..., statt dessen sollte Erla allein die Baureihe G-10 fertigen." This is wrong. Since Lieferplan Pr.226/2 vom 15.7.44, "Jägerprogramm", Erla was always involved in the production of Bf109K-4 or K-4/R6 (first with the note that the machines are delivered as G-10 because of missing specifications, from LP226/2 dated from 15.9.9144 with 2010 planned K-4/R6...January 1945-September 1945). Documentend is this in Aktennotiz Nr.183 an 5400 vom 5.Dezember 1944, bezugnehmend auf die Programm-Besprechung beim Rüstungsstab mit F2 am 4.Dezember 1944 where the production of the K-6 (later K-6/R6) was provided with withdrawal of the K-4 production to September 1945.There is also extensive correspondence with suppliers on K-4 components. In addition, IIRC photos taken in the Leipzig branch Plauen show photos K-4 fuselages. The lack of large-scale production was IMHO, in addition to the reasons mentioned, primarily to justify the fact that Erla began in January with the conversion to the production of Ta152.

some more mistakes
p.19..."Zahlreiche Maschinen sowohl von Erla als auch...und erhielten die Baureihenbezeichnung G-14/U4."...correct: Erla didn't deliver a single G-14/U4.
p.27, 28..."Die ersten bei Erla gebauten Maschinen mussten wegen nicht ausreichender Ausbringung an DB605D Motoren mit dem DB605AS ausgestattet werden,..." and text in the box...This statement could not be confirmed by (known to me) documents. The maximum number of G-10 with DB605AS is expected to be around 70, of which 3 Italian machines have been documented so far.
p.30..."...andere (G-10), auch solche mit AS-Motor, hatten eine untere Motorhaube mit den beiden kennzeichnenden Kinn-Beulen,..."...a picture would be nice
p.30..."Uneinheitlich war auch die Reifengrösse des Hauptfahrwerks,..."...At least for Erla this isn't correct. All a/c's with the bigger tires were delivered from the end of January/early February 1945 (G-10 and G-14).

This text was "knitted with a very hot needle" and does not really match the previous level of this series. What a pity...
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