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Re: RAAF Black Cats


One of the best books on the joint RAAF/US Mining campaign to date is Robert (Bob) Cleworth's:

The Night Shift: The Story of the RAAF Minelaying Catalinas that departed 'at the going down of the sun' taking over the night shift from other participants to neutralize the Japanese gains of mineral and oil resources in coalition with the US 7th Fleet 22 April 1943 - 1 July 1945,
Cleworth,Joseph Robert (Bob), MPhil.
Hill Top (NSW):Author,2015.

Based on material and evidence uncovered in research for a thesis that was awarded a Master of Philosophy Degree, 'BEWARE THIS HARBOR IS MINED', 2/Lt Douglas MacArthur, Manila, P.I. March 1904

Quite a mouthful, but the soft covered A4 book of 272 pages, consists of 16 chapters of details of the RAAF mining campaign. The book has a comprehensive bibliography, an adequate index, extensive endnotes and has many charts, maps, tables and photos.

I haven't received my copy of Cleworth's, The RAAF Black Cats, as yet, so I can't make a direct comparision of the contents. Be interesting to see what Cleworth has retained/discarded from his new title.

The Night Shift is still obtainable (at a reasonable price, not the grossly inflated sum wanted by some dealers) from the Rathmines Catalina Association. can't be more specific at the moment - got privacy issues with the site.

Stig, the first edition of David Vincent's Catalina Chronicle was published by the Catalina National Committee in October, 1978. A second printing was published by the same organisation in November, 1981.


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