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Re: 9 Aug 44 - 3 COs in a day - 353FS/354FG/9AF

Paul Sailer, author of the book "The Oranges are Sweet" about the life of Don M. Beerbower informed me today of the death on 8/23/13 of Frederick "Bud" Deeds, 353FS, who was Don Beerbower's last wingman.....on 9 Aug 44 when Don was shot down by ground fire over the Luftwaffe aerdrome near Reims, France.

An article by Paul Sailer will appear close to this coming Veterans Day on the editorial page of the Omaha World Herald. It is entitled "The Last Wingman".

The eyewitness report from Bud Deeds on 9 Aug 44 was posted earlier in this thread.

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