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Re: Jagdfliegerverbande 12/I?

Vol. 12/I is in the making but progress is slow owing to the enormous amount of source material to be digested and compressed into a readable format. I hope that we will be ready and able to come out with Vol. 12/I by the end of this year but this is not a promise.

As of now Vol. 12/I will comprise the general chapter on the ground and air war in the east between February 4th and December 31st, 1943, the usual comments on organization and equipment etc and will then deal with JG 3 - Stab, II. and III. Gruppe - , JG 5 - Stab, II. and III. Gruppe, 13. and 14. Staffel - and at least parts of JG 51. The rest of JG 51 as well as JGs 52 and 54 together with I. and 7./JG 26, will be dealt with in Vol. 12/II.

So far JGs 3 and 5 have more or less been completed while JG 51 is only half way through 1943. The general part also still needs much attention. The photographic section as of now is almost complete for JGs 3 and 5 but at best sketchy for JG 51.


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