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Re: Oesau's victories in Spain


From Robert Jackson's Messerschmitt Bf-109 A-D series.

Aircraft Date
I-15 15.7.1938
I-15 17.7.1938
I-16 18.7.1938
I-15 20.7.1938
SB-2 27.7.1938
I-15 15.8.1938
I-16 20.8.1938
I-16 15.10.1938
I-16 3.11.1938

116 more victories in World War II, 72 Western Front, 44 Eastern Front, total 125. Killed in action

Once that written, what's the truth? For instance it could not be both I-16 and I-15 for the sole claim on the 18/07/36. What are saying original archives?
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