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Loss data for Ki-15 area Bain-Tsagan (Khalkhin-Gol, Mongolia)

Good day Colleagues!
My friend returned from the expedition to the area of fighting on the river Khalkhin-Gol (Mongolia) - area Bain-Tsagan mountain (fighting 2 5 July 1939).
Was found place the fall of the three Soviet aircraft and one Japanese.
According to the wreckage (braid cockpit lamp, tail wheel, disc from 7.7 mm Te-4, two binoculars, radial-type motor) the Japanese aircraft is presented as a Mitsubishi Ki-15 (type 97).
It is known that during the fighting in the area, the Japanese recognized the loss of seven Ki-15, downed or missing. Also, six aircraft were lost as a result of accidents or not subject to restoration in combat damage. Two Ki-15s were shot down on July 3, 1939 ("Battle at Bain-Tsagan mountain", "Bain-Tsagan slaughter").

Question - whether data on these losses are known? Factory or serial numbers of aircraft or engines? Carriages? Is there any experience in identifying Japanese aircraft found in the wreckage?

This is our first experience...
We are grateful for any help and information on this history of the air war!

Best regards,
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