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Jagdfliegerverbände Vol. 11 / II


as of today the material for JFV Vol. 11/II is on its way to the printer. There has been a change in so far as struve druck is no longer the publisher / printer of this series as they have withdrawn from this part of their business. For the future, Mr. Jörg Rogge, former head of the publishing division of struve druck, who has left the company and has now set up a publishing firm of his own that will take care of the continuation of our series. There will be no change in either the format or appearance of the books nor in any other respect of any importance for the readers. The contact data for the new company will be made available shortly.

Vol. 11/II contains 584 pages with 608 photos, between 15 and 20 of them in colour. It will cover II. and III./JG 53 and the whole of JG 77 during heir service in the Mediterrannean ToW in 1943 and will also deal with operations over Romania in 1943, dealing there with I./JG 4, I./JG 5, III./JG 77 and 10./JG 301. In addition there will be a substantial addenda with some more photos and a lot of corrections and additions to the earlier volumes.

No specific date has been set for the release of Vol. 11/II, but we all hope to have it out by mid March latest. (Haven't we heard something like that before?).


Jochen Prien
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