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Re: Flak/AA - Why do we not research it ?

I've been trying to research it Martin, well one small bit of it, the flak defences around the Dortmund-Ems canal at Ladbergen, but there is precious little available it seems. I've recently read a report on a daylight raid on the canal by Jim Morris, a pilot on 467 squadron. He says:
"There was hardly a cloud in the sky as we passed over the picture postcard landscape. Then I saw ahead what we had been through on night operations. I had heard of a cubic mile of "flak" but had never seen it. Could we fly through this and return.....the fighters were few - flak was so heavy - I was still not 100%. Everything was so clear as we moved into the box of flak....etc etc."
I know Malcolm Brooke has some of the flak positions logged on his website, but he found those by cycling round the area with a local historian. I've also made contact with a man whose father was a 16 year old helper, carrying shells etc, though his father died some years ago and left no records, diaries etc. It seems a difficult area to research, and as you say, one that not many have tried to tackle.
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