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Re: Flak/AA - Why do we not research it ?

Regarding the proximity fuse. I well remember the flying bomb period when there was a battery of four 3.7? guns with proximity fuses, stationed near us. They were radar controlled and would fire a salvo of 20 rounds. We would stand counting the bursts and very often by about number 12 they would have hit the V1. But the rest of the salvo would still explode around it.
By contrast at Hythe was a massive concentration of Bofors which put up a wall of fire such that little blacks clouds would form from all the bursts. The V1 would scud merrily through it all and they would possibly hit 1 in 6 whereas the 3.7s got perhaps 2 in 5.
I suppose someone has real figures but that is how it seemed to us at the time.
Peter Verney ex nav/rad
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