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Re: Flak/AA - Why do we not research it ?

Thanks to all for the responses so far.

Mike. I have no intention of beginning major research into this subject ! I have far too many projects in progress as it is. I knew someone would suggest this !

Byron. Excellent information on the Rhodes Flak units. Thank you for that.

Max. That is interesting, that some people are doing work at a local level.

SES. Yes, I have been aware of Michael Holm's excellent website for some time. It is a great resource for those beginning research.

Denes. Thanks for the recommendation of Edward Westermann's book on German Flak. I had been meaning to ask for an opinion of it, having spotted it on Amazon some months ago.
The figures you quoted from it prove my point about the need to do research on this neglected field.
By the way may I single out for praise the two-volumes of FROM BARBAROSSA TO ODESSA by you, Dmitriy Karlenko and Jean-Louis Roba concerning AAA claims. Your team gave the claiming unit in many (most ?) instances, including some Soviet batteries.

ArtieBob. I am sure you are entirely correct. I believe the experience of the US Navy Pacific Fleet using proximity fuzes would support your comments.

Thanks to all. Hope we have more contributions.

Martin Gleeson.
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