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Re: LG 1 Aircraft (Ju-88) Photos Request

Originally Posted by Spanferkel View Post
Looks like a great Wehrpas I would love to see additional images if you have the time to scan some.
btw If you don't already have the volumes by Peter Taghons "Die Geschichte Des Lehrgeschwader 1", Band I and II, they may shed light on Richters service and include photos of the aircraft designations you listed.
Also "Die Ritterskreuztrager Des LG1 - 1939-1945", by Ralf Schumann has a few nice photos of Richter.
Thanks for the pointers, I will have to track them down.
When I have completed the write up of the Wehrpass I will post it here with images so members can see it but I will attach one of his award pages here & one of the telegrams. What I particularly like about it is that Richter carried on filling in his postings after he joined the post war Luftwaffe so it shows a total listing of his service from 1936 to 1970.

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