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I can only tell you whats in the crash reports. What I found was Crash Truck, C1 135 Crash Truck, with C1 1010 Trailer. Now the following is what they had at Greenham Commons, Newbury, Berks

10 January – 15 March 1944 Our organization was set up and operated on the airfield at Greenham Commons, Newbury, Berks, known as station 416. Two barracks were provided for sleeping accommodations of the men, a portion of one being used for supplies. A Crash Crew functioned on the line and sleeping quarters were provided in the area, regular fire department crew operated from a fire house with room for sleeping provided nearby. An Orderly Room and office for the Fire Marshal was set up in an a-joining room.

When we first arrived on the base we without any vehicles of our own and used two English trucks for our Crash truck and fire truck. An FWD Crash Tender and a Weetan Tender. However, it wasn’t long before these were supplemented with an American Crash truck, Truck, powered fire, crash, C1 135 (Ford); two trailers, fire, crash, 2-wheel, 500 GPM, C1 1000. In addition the following vehicles were secured: one truck ( Jeep ), ton, 4x4; one truck ton, 4x4, weapons carrier; and three trucks 1 ton, 6x6 , PC, w/w.
Now did this equipment go with them to Christchurch? I do not know
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