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Coming Soon - Third Volume of English Translation of Senshi Sosho - Invasion of DEI +

News from the Corts Foundation translation team.

20 August 2020 - Stone & Stone Second World War Books

After producing two excellent translations of Japanese histories

The Invasion of the Dutch East Indies
The Operations of the Navy in the Dutch East Indies and the Bay of Bengal

the Corts Foundation is well on the way to completion of the third and final volume on operations in the NEI, The Army Air Force Operations in the Invasion of the South.

Here's a report from the very talented translator, Willem Remmelink: "We are still on schedule and finished last month the translation of the main text. Now working on the maps, indices, etc.

"The provisional title will be: The Army Air Force Operations in the Invasion of the South, with an addendum on the Invasion of Northern and Central Sumatra.

"The translation covers the main text of Vol. 34 of the Senshi Sosho minus the chapters on the Philippines, Malaya, and Burma, as well as chapter 4 of Vol. 5 dealing with northern and central Sumatra.

"The Articles of Association of the Corts Foundation limit its activities to the area of the former Dutch East Indies, so we reluctantly had to drop the more detailed chapters on the Philippines, Malaya, and Burma.

Nevertheless, the remainder of the book (the general sections and the chapters on Singapore, Palembang, and Java) give a good description of the whole campaign.

"If all goes well, we hope to publish the book in the first half of 2021."
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