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Re: F-51H crash 6 Jan 49 Derry NH. Serial?

Just to clear up the entry on the listings:

A "BL" in the "D" (Damage) column does not mean "Belly Landing" it means the damage level was left "Blank". The BL used in the "Action codes" does sometimes mean "Belly Landing" but it has other meanings depending on the other letters used in the code. CBL means "crash belling landing", while BLS means "blade strike", for example.

Explanation of BL as Blank:

Explanation of the Codes:

So the 1945 crash was coded MAC (Mid Air Collision) with the damage level left Blank.

The other thing of interest is the pilot of the P-51 in the 1945 incident, John C Herbst.

Some background on him:

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