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Re: Captured P-51C T9+CK


Nice to know this. Maybe confirmation at last.

This and other info on the captured P51's was in the Captured American threads on the old LEMB back in 2002.

Some bits I saved
9/12/44:42-103458 "A54" "My Lady/ Miss Marilyn" of the 325th FG, 318th FS Pilot : Capt Thomas Todd. This was Henry Longs usual a/c.
9/12/44;42-103581 "61" "Mary Norris" of the 325th Fg 318th FS Pilot Lt. P. Sangermano.DOW.
9/12/44: 42-103911 "51" "Marjie II" of the 325th FG 318th FS Pilot Lt. Brownell.
9/12/44: 42-103455 "49" "Tennessee's Partner" of the 325th FTG 318th FS Pilot Capt. George F Campbell this was John Gaston's usual a/c.
9/12/44: 44-15174 "40" 325th Fg 318th FS Pilot Lt. Norval Weers. This was the usual a/c of James V. Toner.
This a/c was rebuilt useing parts from P51D 44-13412 "Reggies Reply" "VF-F" crashed 24/8/44 pilot Capt John T. Godfrey and parts from P51B 43-12147 "CS-W" of the 359th FG 370th FS crashed 21/7/44 pilot Lt. Robert W. Sitaamaki.

Sadly I think this info was lost from the LEMB site following an incident.

Brownell baled, Campbell was never seen again.

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