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Re: Me 262 in Italy - photo evidence

Here are the photos from the Me 262 and Ju 52. They belonged to John Buyers collection. Major John Buyers was USAF´s liasion officer for the 1º Grupo de Aviação de Caça ( He´s posing with the Ju 52 tail ). My mistake, the Me 262 W.Nr. is impossible to see in the photo.

The only plane found by the 1ºGAvCa in Italy was a Me 109 G red 12 in Pisa. A photo from Museu Aeroespacial archive was published in the book FAB The Brazilian Air Force in World War II Mediterranean Theatre of Operations 1º GAvCa & 1ª ELO from Luciano Barbosa Monteiro by Adler Editora. ( The color photos bellow are also shown in the book in B&W ). Hope this helps!

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