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D-IVQY - a Bf 162?

Messerschmitt┤s test pilot Dr.Ing. Hermann Wurster list for April 21th 1937 a 47-min flight (Me▀flug) with "Me 162"(sic) WNr 863 with the code D-IVQY. The three Bf 162 wore the WNr 817-819 and he flew WNr 817 in this timeframe-each time with 2 passengers. WNr 863 with only 1 passenger. No Messerschmitt plane of this time fit as WNr 863 - except from a possible Bf 108. According to the rules 2-mot planes all are coded D-A???.
Wurster┤s Flugbuch entries sometimes seem a little sloppy to me so maybe he flew a Bf 108? WNr 837 is D-AVQU.
Any ideas?

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