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Re: Fw-189 update

Originally Posted by harrison987 View Post
I know the main wing spar was too damaged for use. When it comes it aircraft...regardless of how many original aluminum parts you have (even if near perfect) have to replace everything.

Aluminum age hardens...and it is far too risky to fly any aircraft without replacing 80% of the airframe.

Not sure where you get the above, but 80% of the airframes on DC-3's, AT-6's, T-28's, B-17's (to name a few) have not been replaced. Unless there is damage or corrosion the original aluminum parts are still with it, wing spars, wing/fuselage skins, etc..

There are instances when rare aircraft are 80% new or even higher because they are using the data plate to start a rebuild with a lack of parts, but saying aluminum age hardens and is too risky to keep flying is inaccurate.

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