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Re: Hannig

Here's the review of "Luftwaffe Fighter Ace" I posted to the old forum on Dec 16:

Just got mine from Amazon a couple of days ago. It's an enjoyable and detailed account of Hannig's flight training and his operational service in JG 54 and Ergänzungsgruppe Ost (plus a short stint in JG 7.)

There's lots of action, but it's well balanced with details about people and everyday life. Hannig is a modest and likable man who tells it like it is, without embellishments. He's energetic and positive, and his story is more upbeat than some of the unrelentingly grim accounts, e.g. Knoke. He effectively conveys the camaraderie and loyalty in Luftwaffe units, and he describes some of the lighter-hearted moments too.

The writing is first-rate and immediate, and Weal's translation is well done. The photos are not particularly remarkable, but they complement the narrative nicely.

Highly recommended, especially because there are so few JG 54 accounts.

Leon Venter
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