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Re: RAF and RAAF ORBs available on the Web

Originally Posted by notoole
This is not a squadron ORB, but it may be of interest. Bomber Command's 60th Anniversary web site has the campaign diary at the following site:

Royal Air Force Bomber Command 60th Anniversary Campaign Diary

(select “Diary” from top menu)

The site lists every operational sortie with the target; number of aircraft tasked and lost; and the results of the raids.

Norma O'Toole
in British Columbia, Canada
Thanks Norma,

I didn't include the above link because it is not an original source, but a sort of copy of the book 'Bomber Command War Diaries' by Martin Middlebrook.

Two comments:
_ the text on the website is extracted from the above book (with the same sentences) but the part listing the number of civilian killed and so on is in 99% of the cases deleted. A politically correct approach ?

_ the number of losses may be misleading, as it lists only the missing aircraft. Bomber that crashed in Allied held territory are usually not listed (except in the worst night), so losses were usually higher than what the book said

If you're interested in Bomber Command, a very detailled site exists for 6 (Canadian) Group:
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