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Re: eBAy: Captured german planes

Originally Posted by gogh View Post
from this site

"16th July 2007, 13:14
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Photos Fw190, Ju87 & 88, He111 etc

Just unpacked a box and rediscovered some large format copies of some photos taken at war's end 1945. I mentioned details of some on this site probably 3-4 years ago. My image resolution appears too high for them to be included in this mail but I could possibly send someone an attachment to play around with or, if you send me a pm I'll endeavour to send them to you!

I don't think that I've seen these pics published although I'm sure someone will advise if they aren't new!

Fw190 190148, and VO+LJ and ??+SB, tall tail wheel and fin Me109, Ju87 & 88, shot up JG2 emblem, He111 3209 TS+WE and other bits & bobs.

Thought that somebody may be interested in seeing them,


Thanks Gogh

Now, that was an old thread
Did David ever post a photo of said He 111? As far as I can read we only have his interpretation. He does not actually say the photo shows 8209 but in fact is 3209 doctored to resemble the former. This means that David read the WNr as 3209 while everyone else now (or so I think) is reading 8209.

I have nicked two e-bay photos myself and both of them very clearly show 8209. The eight conforms exactly in paint, shape, size etc with the other three digits, so whoever performed the "hoax" was very careful indeed.

Bottom line, for me at least, is that I need a bit better evidence for tampering than this. Sorry.

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