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Re: JG2 losses 20 January 1943

It is Bürckel not Bürkel (my mistake). Shot down 20 Jan 43 in a combat at 10m and yes, he was injured in an accident at Triqueville 24 Aug 42 in Fw 190 A-2, 297. Barthel took off at 1408 hrs on an ASR mission for a Fw 190 which had crashed 15 kms north on Calais whilst on a Jabo mission. They failed to find anything but at 1446-1448 hrs they were involved in a combat with "18 Mustangs" during which Barthel was shot down in flames. Joe Atkinson's kill was 1435 hrs 5 miles east of Dover. I have his combat report here somewhere. Gouby's claim was during the Jabo mission
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