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Aichi E13A1 "241-03", Battleship Yamato in Operation Ten-Gō

Some questions about the airplanes embarked on the Battleship Yamato in Operation Ten-Gō.

In Yamato's TROM it reads:

7 April 1945:
0600: YAMATO launches her Aichi E13A1 Type 0 "Jake" reconnaissance floatplane.
0630: [...] YAMATO's "Jake" returns to Kyushu.

It seems that this Aichi E13A1 had the code "241-03". This aircraft belonged to some Kokutai? Is it possible to find the name and rank of the crew of this aircraft?

How translate in Japanese "Surface Special Attack Unit"? Something like "Tokko Kantai"?

Thank you for your help.
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