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Re: Aichi E13A1 "241-03", Battleship Yamato in Operation Ten-Gō

Hi Ferreira, I am very sorry for my delayed response.
I’m not a specialist on IJN or its aircraft, but no one have replied your question, I will answer as far as I know.

(1) Was it an E13A ?
According to 2nd torpedo squadron “Operation Ten-Go No.1 detailed action report” 10. April 1945, (Japan Center for Asian Historical Records Reference Code C08030103100, the 26th image), [7. April] 0600 hrs. “A reconnaissance floatplane of Yamato Command took off from IJN Yamato for an ASW mission.” The report does not say aircraft type.

It is said that F1Ms were embarked on IJN Yamato in Operation Ten-Go No.1, not E13As or E16As. (source: SATÔ Nobuhiko, “Taiheiyô Sensôki ni okeru Teikoku Kaigun shuyô Kantei no tôsai Suijôki no Hensen (Changes of embarked floatplanes on IJN main warships during WWII),” Model Art, (No. 1009, Mar. 2019, extra issue), p. 140.)

(2) Aircraft Code
So far as I know, there is no photo-evidence about the reconnaissance floatplane’s code embarked on IJN Yamato in Operation Ten-Go.

The aircraft embarked IJN Yamato, whose code “211-0X” was valid until Battle of Leyte Gulf. (“241-" for Yamato is misprint.) This regulation is said to have lasted until Japan’s defeat.

But after the Battle of Leyte Gulf, Japan Navy’s warships were virtually extinct, and a few could embark floatplanes. Under such condition no one can tell how the aircraft code turned out.(source: ibid.; NOHARA Shigeru, Nihon no Suijôki (Japan’s Seaplane), (Tokyo; Kôjinsya, 2007) pp. 253-254)

(3) belonging unit
The floatplane was subordinate to Yamato Command.

(4) How does ”Surface Special Attack Unit” translate in Japanese ?
“Kaijô Tokkô Tai”
(source: C08030103100, 1st image)

 Sorry for my poor English.
Best Regards,
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