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Re: Aichi E13A1 "241-03", Battleship Yamato in Operation Ten-Gō

Hi !
I find another book about the topic.

According to the book (OSUO Kazuhiko, “Simpű Tokubetsu Kôgekitai (IJN Air Force Suicide Attack Unit ‘Kamikaze')”, Model Art, (No. 458, Nov. 1995, extra issue), pp. 88-90.), my opinions of (1) and (2) in previous post No.2 are wrong.

It was E13A, embarked on IJN Yamato and its code was “212 – 01.”

Its crew on 7th April was pilot PO1c IZUMO Masashige, observer PO2c SUDÔ Sôhę, radio operator PO1c MATSUMORI Kazuo.

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