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Re: Old Topic-When did Maj Georg Peter Eder crash in a Me262

The JG7 history by Manfred Boehme has in the text that Eder took off from Parchim on the 17th - Rademacher shot down a P-51 in the Hanover area on Feb 16th. The next day aircraft from Parchim were in action Georg Peter Eder, then Kapitan of 9.Staffel recalled : Eder then states he took-off with Ofw. Zander and Ofw Buchner to intercept bombers over northern Germany coming on the formation south of Bremen. He was hit by defensive fire and had to bale out hitting either the fuselage or tail surfaces, and breaking his left leg and sustaining head injuries.
Just to confuse things in the list of pilots in Appendix A of the book it gives that Eder was wounded on the 16th the same date given for his crash in the Me 262 combat Diary.
A footnote in the Hermann Buchner book " Stormbird" page 130 gives the date as 22nd.January with Eder breaking both legs.
Looking at the Mighty Eighth War Diary if the bombers were over northern Germany this would seem to make the 16th as the more likely date.
Sorry not to give a definite answer but that is what I could find on Eder's last mission,

Brian Bines
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