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Re: Photos Royal Aircraft Factory Aircraft

Yes, I checked that one out as well.

Problem is it says 20 Res, which of course could well be a misprint, since a work like that must be full of those, and it is now impossible to say what is correct or not. 23RS or 14Sq? Since seller, and the flipside, says 14Sq I am inclined (in this case) to go along with that.

Correct me if I have understood this wrong, but I have interpreted these Reserve (later Training) Squadrons (at least those abroad) as a manpower/aeroplane pool which both aircraft and pilots went before being posted to a frontline unit. With the growth of aviation at all fronts, they advanced and sort of became an advanced training unit as well giving pilots a final polish before going into combat. I know they later developed into standard Training Schools, but that was basically post war, wasn't it?

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