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Re: Digital Library of the Combined Arms Research Library


First reason I pointed this website at the start was the monthly chronology files that include daily actions by Allied airforces (for example in the September and October 1944 files, you have a paragraph for each day and each Allied army on the western front about air support, targets of Allied air missions and claims of targets hit. You also have such details for Burma for example).

These file are now available on the following website:
And are displayed in a way for more easy to access (no need to use a search engine anywhere)

The site is an online library. Last time I checked it (a year ago or more) there were a lot of reports and war histories about partisan warfare in Yugoslavia but in Serbo-Croat language, so not very useful for me.

Since then, it has included documents in English and German language that may be of interest. German archive documents from the NARA roll are listed but the links don't work for the moment. (By the way I click some random Serbian document links and they don't work either, so might be a service availability temporary issue).
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