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Re: Pensacola training station 1938-41

It's difficult to be concise about this but up until the end of 1939 the student naval aviator at Pensacola would progress through five squadrons as follows:

VN-1 Primary seaplane
VN-2 Primary landplane
VN-3 Scouting and formation work
VN-4 Seaplanes, including twin-engined, and catapult scouts
VN-5 Fighter training

On receiving his wings the aviator could thus be sent to any type of fleet squadron, carrier, floatplane or flying boat, for further specialised on-the-job training.

With the approach of WWII the syllabus was revised so that the trainee would specialise at an earlier stage and not be required to become proficient in all operational types.
George Kernahan
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