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Re: Athens-Tatoi


They were a pain in the proverbial to locate last time and have so proved again.......

They are in pdf form and can be downloaded from the WWII Operational Documents section of the Combined Arms Research Library

This section contains a wealth of documents relating to both the European and Pacific wars principally relating ground and naval operations but also including items on USAAF operations and various items on the Luftwaffe.

Example - Sept 1944 World War II Chronology - Military Intellegence Division, US War Department -
(a) Link to the page listing several of these documents -,961

(b) link direct to the document page -

(c) as in this case most of the documents are in several sections (see links to the left of the page). This document totals 347 pages covering sections on North and Latin American Theatres, Eastern European, Mediterranean, Asiatic, Pacific Ocean, Southwest Pacific and closes with a review of the Political, Ecomonic and Psychological situation at that time.

(d) So far I have only used these documents in relation to Valence, Eleusis and Tatoi however they contain a large amount of information.

(e) Note not all of the monthly chronologies are present on this site - however see my comments below regarding the The Army Air Forces in World War II: Combat Chronology.

Another document with less detail, but probably created from the same information source is this - covering the USAAF operations in the Med. Now this is an online document but I have also downloaded a complete chronology of approx 900+ pages from this URL The Army Air Forces in World War II: Combat Chronology

Hope that this explains some of the sources. Larry, if you feel my citations require amending please let me know.

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