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Re: Athens-Tatoi

Thanks for the reply and clarification, Andy.

Many if not most here are familiar with the U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II: Combat Chronology and Eric Hammel's Air War Europa Chronology (Pacifica Press, 1994), in fact, I'm looking at both of them right now on my bookshelf. But your entries for Eleusis and Tatoi were much more numerous and included bomb tonnage on target, which the two works I just noted do not have, and that's what caught my eye. I knew you had located a much more detailed source but I could not find it for love nor money. Now I know why. That site is absolutely the most difficult web site to navigate and find thing on that I have ever seen. It was created eons ago, in fact before the personal computers were in wide use, and they never changed the operating software to make it user friendly. I shudder just thinking about having to go there and look for something.

So thanks for providing some links to exactly where you found the detailed raid data. When I have more time tomorrow, I will go there armed with your links and see if I can get to it. Right now, though, it's Super Bowl time in the Z.I., which is the equivalent of your Euro Cup and World Cup combined with maybe a Manchester vs Liverpool match thrown in on top of it.

So off I go.


P.S. Here is what I had on Tatoi - except for some more air and ground units, it's much the same as what Byron provided:

Tatoi (GR) (a.k.a. Athens-Tatoi) (c. 38 06 N – 23 47 E)
General: airfield 15 km N of Athens near the town of Akharnaí in SE Greece. Attacked on 8 December 1943 (by 15th AAF B-24s); 14 December (by 33 B-24s); 15 September 1944 (by B-24s); 24 September (by B-24s).
Air Units: III./JG 52, 8./JG 27, Stab, I. u.II./ZG 26, III./KG 3, II. u.III./KG 76, 3.(F)/Aufkl.Gr. 33, Stab/FAGr. 4; 2.(F)/Aufkl.Gr. 123, 4.(H)/Aufkl.Gr. 22; Wekusta 27; San.Flugbereitschaft 7 (Mar 43); II./TG 4;
Erg./Ers. Units: III./St.G. 151 (May – Aug 43);
Station Commands: Fl.H.Kdtr. E 6/VI, Fl.H.Kdtr. E 27/XII (1941), Fl.H.Kdtr. A 203/IV; Fl.H.Kdtr. A 211/III (c. Mar 43 – Apr 44), Fl.H.Kdtr. A(o) 106/XVII (with Ln.-Stelle A 106/XVII) (Apr – Oct 44).
Station Units (some): 5. Flugh.Betr.Kp./KG 26; Werft-Kp. 2; Werft-Kp. Südost (one Zug); Werft-Zug 108; Flieger-Werkstattzug 3/IV; Frontreparaturbetrieb GL 2571 (D.L.H.); Verbindungsstelle GL; Alp.Bergungstrupp 2/XVII; Flugzeug-Bergungstrupp (mot) 1/XI; Ldssch.Zug 227/VI and 365/VI; Strafvollstreckungs-Zug Südost z.b.V. 1.

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