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Luftwaffe Personnel spying for Allies?

Howdy One & All,

while viewing some original ULTRA material relating to Botenplatte in Dec 1944, I've come across a signal that clearly wasn't from an intercepted wireless transmission but from a "source" who was viewing original files. The dates and clarity of the reporting would, at first glance, seem to preclude a new Luftwaffe ot Wehrmacht PoW (in any case, such interrogation would hardly produce such clear info after only a hour or two following capture and wouldn't go through ULTRA channels anyhow).

Was there a case or cases of some ULTRA material physically being passed to the Allies by Luftwaffe (or Wehrmacht) personnel?

The ULTRA decrypt, which was passed to Churchill is dated 21/12/44 and the original signals cited by "the source" were dated 20/12/44 and 21/12/44.

Here is some of the wording, which obviously doesn't indicate who the source was, other than they had access to files:

"source later saw acknowledgements stamped early 21/12""

"two copies were seen by source. One of them stamped a few hours later came from a file marked Advanced Det JG 26."

There are also verbatim signals from the Luftwaffe Liason Detachment with C. in C. West. The source documents were clearly originals because it is noted in the ULTRA when the text was smudged and unreadable. These signals may've been captured rather than viewed by "the source".

Of course, the ULTRA signals passed to Allied Commands (HP 9981 for former; HP 9995 for latter) give no indication that they are anything but intercepted wireless signals.

Has anyone found similar cases in either ULTRA DEFE 3 or the HW 5 material?


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