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Re: Luftwaffe Personnel spying for Allies?

Hello One & All,

Nick's answer is ultimately just common sense. The simple fact is that if information was coming via humint it would not need to be decoded at Bletchley Park and would have been processed via other channels.

That is not to say that information from a variety of sources was not analysed to aid the code breakers. As Nick points out, even the decrypted messages weren't neccessarily cleartext and thus messages had to be further decoded. Sometimes the information was on hand to do this, sometimes it couldn't fully be done for weeks (if at all).

In terms of protecting the ULTRA secret, an example is with Operation Gisela; the British first learnt of this operation in December 1944 but it wasn't until after the capture of aircrew personnel who 'spilled the beans' a month later that lower Commands were warned and defensive measures taken.


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