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Complete History Books ETA

Upon completing many years of research towards my own publications , I am now offering the following rare material
for sale

15th Air Force, Italy
All 15th Air Force Bomber and Fighter Groups history books and rare material including footage ( from Italian Bases)

2,97,99,301,463,483, 98,376,449,450,451,454,455,456,460,461,465,484,485 Bomber Groups history books,videos & Pvt Publications
1,14,31,52,82,325, 332 FG & 5th RECON Gp history books and Pvt publications .

The Ploesti Oil Battle 1944 by General N.F.Twining ( huge book) only 14 books were printed.

Many other books,CD's,Vdeos and private publications related to 15th AF Ploesti Oil Campaign 1944

205th Group Italy
Various books about RAF & SAAF Bomber Groups engaged on Ploesti Oil Campaign & Danube Mining period 1944

Operation Frantic & Frantic Joe 1944
89 books ,private books , CD's , Videos on 15th and 8th Air Forces Shuttle bombings from Poltawa Russia

9th Air Force Libya Ops Tidalwave Ploesti
History books , rare private books,memoirs, footage CD's & rare material 98BG,376BG,44th BG,93BG , 389th BG related to low level mission
At least 140 other books,videos,CD's and private publications on the low level mission to Ploesti 1943

Vol 1 , 2 , 4 JG 77
Sturmjaeger Band 1
History books & various publications on JG52,53,3,54,KG.z.b.V. 108 SEE,KG 27, KG 55, KG 4,KG 51, NJG-6,Aufklärungs Gruppe 125 (See) etc etc
Many Eastern Front Ops Campaigns 1941-1944 Luftwaffe related Books in German, English, Russian, Rumanian languages
I have over 380 books related to Luftwaffe, VVS, USAA,Romanian Royal Aeronautics Eastern Front and ETA campaigns periods 1941 , 1943 , 1944 .

Various other JG's based Eastern Front mass & private publications period 1941 and 1944

Romania Royal Aeronautics (AAR)
Various books period 1941 , 1943 and 1944 Romanian and English languages

VVS & VMF Periods 1941, 1943 & 1944 Eastern Front
Various books in Russian Language

If you specifically seek something related to above topics , pse contact me for further details through Pvt mail only . I do not sell to Romania.

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