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Re: Copying, Research at The National Archives (UK)

FilePhotoService will continue as a research service but I regret that there will be no further file copying.
As an alternative source of copying at TNA I suggest you contact an independent operator at Kew named Lee Richards (usual disclaimer, no financial link). He has an excellent reputation and I do not hesitate in recommending you contact him. He has years of experience and very competitive rates.
His website:

I started FilePhotoService to help the members of RAFCommands and TOCH get information from Kew economically. It has been useful to a number of members over the years and has certainly taken me in unexpected directions, which is no bad thing for anyone doing research. My decision to stop copying is for personal reasons and I will concentrate on research commissions and my own, nearly forgotten, book project.

Thanks to all the members of TOCH for your past support of FilePhotoService and I will continue as a researcher.

Best regards,
Bruce Dennis
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