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Re: Slight update to JG 301 late markings

Originally Posted by O.Menu

One remembers the only photograph then showing the operational Ta 152 in Alteno. It is known that before to be gathered to GeschwaderStab they were delivered only to the III./JG 301. And yet they carry also a horizontal bar, probably yellow.

But I have just discovered that the Ta 152 restored with the NASM (7) carries a blue bar, therefore finally the marks of group were:
GeschwaderStab./JG 301 + - (blue bar)
I./JG 301 + - (white bar)
II./JG 301 + - (red bar)
III./JG 301 + - (yellow bar)
IV./JG 301 + - (green bar)

is it the pic we're talking about ?

ta 152
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