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Re: Air Technical Index documents

Hi Ed! I appreciate the info. What Wright Field was doing just after the war was always an enigma to me, though I have to admit that I haven't found much if anything describing their activities. All I know is that a lot of their documents are at NASM now.

As far as I know, DTIC does have the ATI documents in microfilm. The issue is that the collection is old and deteriorating. DTIC is reluctant to release them for that reason. That's why I'm interested in trying to find them through other means. I was hoping that other members of this forum would have some experience tracking them down and could share their methods.

I was looking deeper into these forums and ran into an old post by Richard Eger:

Mr. Eger refers to an index he was compiling that could help locate ATI documents (among other series). This could help me track down the captured documents I'm looking for. However, I've learned that Mr. Eger has sadly passed away. Does anyone know what happened to Mr. Eger's index or if his work was continued by someone else? This kind of index must have taken a lot of work and organization to pull off, because I can only find bits and pieces of information about these document series. Again, I really appreciate everyone's help and expertise here.
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