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Thank you for the info. I tried to find the STKZ of the captured G-3 but could only find the STKZ of another G-3 "DP+".

How difficult is it to find out the Werknummer for "DN+CB"?

The reason why I am asking is that I recently got a Revi C/12D which had apparently been installed in a Fw 190 (electricial wiring diagram markings on the sight correspond to Fw 190 markings for the sight; i.e. "P12"). On the cushion there is "DN CB" written in stencils. As every sight was adjusted for each aircraft individually, the gunsights had to be installed into the same aircraft again after they were removed for e.g. maintenance and DN CB is probably the STKZ to make sure that this sight was installed only in DN+CB.

If it is possible to find out more about DN+CB that I would also know more about this sight's history.

Roger Gaemperle
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