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Fw 190s with DN+__ St.Kz.

Very interesting thread. Regarding Fw 190s with the St.Kz. "DN+__," just to throw a little fuel on the fire, I also have the following recorded in my database files:

G-3 160 007, DN+FG, III./SKG 10, Destroyed by Germans, 43/09/09, Eboli, It?
G-3 160 016, DN+FP, SKG 10?, Captured, 44?, Salerno, It.
G-3 160 018, DN+FR, SG ??, Damaged, up on nose, later down, 44/45 Monte Corvino, It.
G-3 160 022, DN+FV, III./SKG 10, Operational/Later destroyed by Luft. personnel, 43/09/09, Monte Corvino, It.


Steve Sheflin
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