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Re: Just how good was German Flak

If the USAAF's Missing Air Crew Reports (MACRs) are any testimony, German Flak was often a very serious matter. The tracks of strategic operations were usually planned to avoid the worst concentrations, if possible . . . and there could still be heavy losses. But not consistently. Like fighter opposition, on any given operation, it could be a matter of the luck of the draw.

Coupla comments. First, the semantics of your question. What does "good" mean, anyway?

Second, there is an excellent book by Westermann on German Flak. About three or four years old, in English, by a School of Advanced Airpower Studies student at the USAF Air University.

Third, going back to your question per se, it is absolutely crucial to remember that however good German Flak prediction, firing, and concentration was, its potential effectiveness was enormously reduced by the lack of a proximity fuze. We had it, they didn't. The device was simply one of a handful of crucial gadgets that, had the Germans had them, might have considerably lengthened the air war.

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