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Re: Ofgr. Horst Rippert


The claims I found in Tony Wood's lists differ somewhat from those you have listed. There is a claim for 7 Mar 44 for a B-17 (4./JGr. Süd). The undated claim you list was from 24 July 44. The two claims you list for 7 & 8 Aug 44 I cannot find. In addition the last listed claim for a P-47 on 12 Aug 44 is actually credited to Ofw. Eduard Isken.

Ultimately this leaves a total of 10 claims for Rippert in Wood's lists. The footnote you mention in Prien et al. in "III. u. IV./JG 27" seems to indicate that Rippert's first 19 claims were all made with JGr. Süd/JGr. 200 and included 9 4-engine and 7 twin-engine aircraft.

As I am sure you are aware that Tony Wood makes no secret about the fact that his claims lists are far from complete. Therefore the "missing" nine claims may have been made before, between or after those listed.
We can hope that Dr. Prien and his colleagues will elucidate this and other mysteries in future volumes of their wonderful "Jagdfliegerverbände" series.


Tom Semenza
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