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Re: Air War Above Rzhev - Zubtsov

Originally Posted by Stig Jarlevik View Post
The problem is, however, I don't know anything about most of them and can only look at what Michael so far has written. And to me the 3rd clearly looks more "busy" than the 9th, since not only claims need to be looked at, but the number of missions as well.
I have not cited the statistics of claims - this is the data of the GKL and the Soviet operational documents 1 VA and 3 VA. August 3 was not the most intense, because 1 VA that day had a low activity - they were preparing for August 4 (the first day of the offensive Pogorelo-Gorodishche operation). Michael has not yet looked at the documents 1 VA - activity in the period 4-10 August is much higher - it's fights East, South-East of Zubtsov.
Activity 3 VA these days below, as the offensive in the North-West of Rzhev by August 3 as a whole choked and activity there will be in the second half of the month and in early September, when the second phase of the offensive. Without the analysis of actions 1 VA to speak about the level of tension in the area is not correct.
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